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The kelong at Batam is owned by a Christian couple situated offshore from Batam near Pulau Cemara. It is about 15km south east of Batam, Indonesia and about 60km from Singapore.

The kelong also serves as a Christian ministry for reaching out to the sea tribes through teaching English. English is taught to the children of five surrounding islands. Through teaching ministry relationships are built with the islanders and this enables the ministry to befriend them and to reach out to them.

The teachers are Indonesians and graduates of the Bethany School of Missions in Batam. The kelong is used as our base camp and headquarters. The teachers use a wooden boat for transportation. Friends who come for weekend retreats find the facility idyllic for building relations and bonding; a place to experience rest and peace away from the busyness of city living.


It is a great tranquil getaway from the bustle of city life. A quite surrounding with only the sound of the waves to relax your mind

The place is great when you want:

  • To look for a new experience

  • To rest and relax

  • A place for a your family outing, friends gathering, singles activities, church group retreat, etc.

  • A short getaway and fishing trip

  • A learning experience for your children

  • Outreach to villages on the surrounding islands

Activities on the Kelong:

  • Fishing

  • Meeting

  • Outreach

  • BBQ

  • Your own organised games


Activities on the Land & Beach:

  • Swimming

  • Tree House for children

  • Beach games

  • Bonfire

  • Jungle Trekking



Facilities on the Kelong:


  • Bunking Facilities
    There are 5 guest rooms with attached bathroom facilities. Each room can accommodate up to 6 guests. Wooden beds with mattresses are provided for guest. The guest rooms are not air-conditioned but fans are provided.

  • Hygiene Facilities
    Non-heated showers and seated toilet facilities are provided in each guest room. 
    Clean water is piped in from land to the kelong for daily usage.
  • Food
    Breakfast, Lunch, Seafood Steamboat Dinner & BBQ Supper (Depending on type of package that you have booked)
    Free flow of drinking water, tea and coffee are available. Canned drinks are also available and are chargeable.



Journey to the Kelong

  • You will start your journey from Singapore Harbourfront Cruise Centre by fast ferry to Batam which takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

  • When you arrive at Batam ferry terminal, you will be transferred by coach to the domestic ferry terminal.

  • Here you will take a local ferry to the kelong which will takes about one and a half hour.



  • Facility Condition
    The facilities available on the kelong are very basic. The kelong structure is not brand new, and may be even consider ‘rundown’ by certain visitors. Do not expect resort-style furnishings onboard the kelong.
  • Ambience
    Participants' merry-making usually carry on into the late hours of the night or even into the early hours of the morning. As there are no sound buffers, you can expect to be deprived of sleep throughout the night.
  • Entertainment
    Please note that the TV set isshared among all kelong visitors, therefore there is no reservation for the exclusive use by any group and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Minimum group size 
    Please note that the minimum group size for booking is 15 adults. The kelong is able to accommodate  for up to 40 adults.

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The Kelong @ Batam

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