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Kampung Lonek is situated in the northeastern district of Jempol in Negeri Sembilan. It is made up of five smaller villages - Kampung Sungai Taling, Lonek Seberang, Masjid Lonek, Tengah and Tebat. It is a very close knit community with 151 homes.

Industrious is the word that comes to mind when describing the villagers of Kampung Lonek. If you spend a weekend at this heart-warming homestay destination, you will no doubt catch a glimpse of the villagers at work. They are not the type to sit at home and idly while the hours away.

Your foray into Kampung Lonek will begin at the village's community hall, where visitors are greeted the Lonek-style, with most of the villagers in attendance. You will see it clearly on


 their faces, how much your visit is a most welcomed event for them and your arrival will be much celebrated.

The industrious folks of the kampung work the paddy fields, tend to fruit orchards and run several small industries producing handicrafts made of rattan, pandan, mengkuang and bamboo. There is also a small industry producing soy sauce, chilli sauce as well as a savoury local delicacy made of soybean, called tempe. These products are made either at home or in mini factories.

Visitors can try their hands at rubber tapping, fishing, traditional dodo making and also have fun playing traditional games such as tarik upih and coconut bowling.


This quaint village was once awarded the Most Beautiful Village title by the Ministry of Information. Just take a walk around the area and you will see why.

Although a modest size and humble in appearance, Kampung Lonek is incredibly neat and tidy. From the narrow roads that wind through the village to the neat fruit orchard grounds within each house's compounds.

Like many other villages in Negeri Sembilan, Kampung Lonek still hangs on to age-old traditions and customs of the perpatih. This matriarch tradition allows quite a few favours to the women of the society. 

Among the cultural activities you'll come across includes the berendoi ceremony, a traditional ceremony to celebrate the first week of a baby's life.



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